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A fathers rights talk show that tackles all kind of issues related to fathers rights and equal parenting.  Join us and see if we can make a change for the better.
Guest we have had on the show

  Dean Tong

Dean Tong is an internationally known family rights and forensic consultant on child abuse, domestic violence, and child custody cases.

Dean Tong qualifies as an expert in false child abuse accusations cases under Florida Statute Ch. 90.702 and under Federal Rule of Evidence 702.

Tong, a published author, speaker and consultant retained by parents and attorneys in 45 states, has appeared on more than 2000 radio talk shows over the past 13 years and numerous TV programs, and in articles in the Boston Globe, Washington Times and Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Christian Science Monitor, Richmond Times-Dispatch, and The Washington Post. Dean Tong appeared as a guest child abuse-custody expert on August 2, 1999 on COURT-TV (Johnny Cochran Tonight) and on Crier Live on September 30, 2002. Contributor to the recently published booklet LOVE & LOATHING: Protecting Your Mental Health and Legal Rights When Your Partner Has Borderline, Personality Disorder.

   William Fain "wilky"

Better known as Wilky, William Fain is more than a throw back to the days when a man’s word was in his handshake. Wilky is fast talking and fast thinking; yet, unlike what that conjures up mentally, he actually honors what he says. He is a “here’s the problem…and here’s the solution” kind of man.

Born in the month of October and raised in Jackson, Tennessee, Wilky married his high school sweetheart, and fathered his handsome son, Jake, by his mid-20s. By 1995, divorced, Wilky was in Lexington, Tennessee, where he owned and ran a grocery store, tobacco shop, and custom sound shop. Needing a 4’x8’ sign for the latter, Wilky met Ed Harris who owned a sign shop, and a remarkable brother-like friendship began.

Where many men think a thought – “Man, wouldn’t it be great to be in Nascar?”, Wilky thinks, “Man, let’s be in Nascar!” – and then proceeds to do it. So that’s what Wilky did. He owned three race teams and then started a sports magazine. He also had a radio talk show about Nascar and related sports issues called Pit Stop.

In 2002, in the month of October, Wilky’s life changed forever by the birth of his daughter, Addison Blair Fain. Being an unmarried father, Wilky has had to fight for the right to be a father. The fight has been so intense, that he began to write the experience. Then came the idea, “this should be a movie. Ed, let’s make a movie.” Wilky’s first film, A FATHERS RIGHTS  was born. 

 Leon Koziol

Leon Koziol is a practicing civil rights attorney in upstate New York who has filed a test case in addition to individual challenges to the constitutionality of various parenting laws in New York State.  He was an unsuccessful candidate for Congress in the 24th district and state Senate in 2006.  In 2004 he argued the case of Peterman v. Pataki, which resulted in a state Supreme Court ruling that declared unconstitutional the gaming compact at Oneida Nation's Turning Stone Casino.  A former city councilman, Mr. Koziol has secured numerous verdicts and recoveries for victims of race, gender, religion and free speech discrimination as well as government abuse and police brutality. Over the years, he has been featured on the CBS program 60 Minutes, CNN and New York Times.  He is currently legal counsel to the National League of Fathers, Inc.

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