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Chad Gist -  National President of FSF

My name is Chad Gist and I am the president of Fathers Supporting Fathers.  I am married with three children; Tyler, Ashleigh and Hailey.  I have been involved in the father’s rights movement since 2007 and am still fighting to this day for my God given right to be a father to my daughter Hailey.  As a co-founder of Fathers Supporting Fathers it is my mission to see this organization helps other fathers cope with the situations which arise as legal battles persists to maintain their rights as fathers.  My goal as president is to push to get the laws changed that not only give fathers rights they deserve but give children equal time with both parents, if both parents are fit.  I have made several trips to Washington DC to bring awareness to the laws that need to be changed in order to protect father’s rights and I will continue to do so until children have the equal time with both parents they deserve. 


My name is William Dunn. I am the FL president of Fathers Supporting Fathers. The main reason I am in this movement is to help fathers through difficult times and share my testimony of how god has brought me through the most difficult time in my life. After never giving up on my daughter I now have had full custody of her for the past three years. Fathers should have equal rights and that is what we stand for. I am in the process of writing my first book about my journey of just trying to be a part of my daughters life. The title of the book will be A Fathers Miracle.

 Margie Blackburn -Kansas City                Fathers Supporting Fathers/Grandparents 4 Justice

Becoming an advocate for grandparents rights was an easy choice – after standing in a retail store one day, when an overwhelming crying spell broadsided me - not seeing my grandson for so many years, and now my granddaughter, it hit me hard that day….some stranger came up and asked me what was wrong. I explained the situation through sobs and got some support, some hugs…then one of the grandmothers giving advice made a statement…”Better get used to it honey, cause there is nothing you can do.”  I remember thinking what do you mean there is nothing I can do??

So during my research and helping others I realized VERY SOON that the courts were biased against father’s rights much less grandparents. As my own son fought this custody battle; I have seen firsthand how the courts work against the fathers rights, against children’s rights….how parental alienation is child abuse….how the system is abused by so many for the almighty dollar.

So I started to work with Fathers Supporting Fathers and developed Grandparents 4 Justice as there are so many grandparents who don’t know what to do or how to make it through the day dealing with our children fighting for our grandchildren.

I refuse to give up! It is about the children!

Margie Blackburn – 816-517-8007

 Reuben Jones - FSF
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